When you get a new roof that costs thousands of dollars always have the contractor leave you a extra bundle. You just never know when you will need them for a roof repair. So always save a bundle of shingles!

Missing shingles from high winds

We see it all the time homeowners want to get there roof repaired and they have no extra shingles. This means when we do the repairs we will get the closest color to match but shingle manufacturers change colors every so many years. So sometimes you can’t get a good match.

When you don’t get a good match it will for sure stick out when you look up at your roof. This might not be a big deal if it’s like on the back of your home high up where no one can see. But if it’s on the front of your house it could be esthetically non pleasing.

Some of the most common things you will want extra shingles for:

  1. Missing shingles
  2. Adding vents
  3. Pipe boot replacement
  4. Tree limb damage
  5. Critter damage
  6. Storm damage
  7. Hole in roof
  8. Nail holes
  9. Roof leaks
  10. Chimney flashing issues
  11. New furnace pipe stack
Hole found in roofing with a hard color to match. This is a good example why to keep a bundle for repairs.

So these are the reasons to insist the contractor leaves you a bundle for things that pop up in the next 17 years about how long shingles last in our opinion. Make sure you keep the bundles in a dry out of the sun spot and make sure they lay totally flat. Store them securely in a garage or shed or your basement.

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