We specialize in roofing repairs and roofing maintenance only. A roof repair is fixing something that’s wrong with your existing roof that needs fixed.

Roof replacement is when your ready to spend many of thousands of dollars and remove all existing roofing and replace with new. Generally around the 17 years is the general average of roof replacement in MI.

When your roof ages things start to happen. You may notice leaks or cracks in shingles or nails pulling through the shingles or sealant strips giving out making shingles blow off in high winds. This is your roofs way of telling you it’s getting old and time to think about roof replacement to avoid issues.

When a new roof that costs many of thousands of dollars is not in the budget and you have roof leaks or issues that need fixed call us that’s what we specialize in. Roofs Require Maintenance .

Our roof inspection found hole in roofing https://mobile.twitter.com/gunsandhoses