We specialize in several types of roofing repairs. From commercial flat roof repair to residential shingle roof repair. When thousands of dollars for a new roof is not in your budget right now we’re the ones to call.

We highly recommend you get your roof inspected every couple of years. And what I mean by a roof inspection is just have a pro like us get up and walk your roof and we will look for things that need immediate attention. https://www.gunsandhosesroofing.com/1-in-roof-repairs-but-dont-take-our-word-for-it-read-our-customer-reviews-here/

Roof inspected found a hole in a commercial flat roof

  • Missing shingles
  • Broken pipe boots
  • Cracked shingles
  • Nail pops
  • Nail holes in roof
  • Chimney flashing that needs recaulked
  • Poorly flashed roof vents
  • Loose shingles
  • Rubber roof seams coming apart
  • Satellite dish holes making roof leaks

Customers call us all the time in a panic when they notice there roof leaking and destroying their interior drywall. This usually happens when it’s pouring rain down outside and nothing can be done.

Did you know most of these issues could have been prevented if you get your roof inspected for potential issues before they arise. This is why it’s extremely important to just get your roof walked by a pro every couple of years and see if there are any simple repairs that need to be made. https://www.gunsandhosesroofing.com/roofs-require-maintenance/

Big time roof leak broken pipe boot

When we come out and inspect your roof we take pictures of anything we may find wrong and show you. We then give you our recommendations on repairs. Some repairs could be simple some could be more detailed.

Usually the type of repair we do depends on the age of the roof and how much time your trying to get by on before replacing your roof completely. If your roof is beyond repair and we recommend a complete roof replacement ASAP we will tell you that too.

So give us a call get your roof inspected by us for any recommend repairs.