We see lots of roofs that need repaired or maintenance. You should get your roof inspected at least ever 5 years for things that need maintenance. Check out our images below see if your roof has some of these issues. These are some of the more common roofing repairs we see.

Furnace stack that has worn out sealant very common leak area we see especially if not flashed properly https://www.gunsandhosesroofing.com/1-in-roof-repairs-but-dont-take-our-word-for-it-read-our-customer-reviews-here/

Chimney flashings need maintenance or re caulked about every 5 years caulking only last so long. https://www.gunsandhosesroofing.com/always-save-a-bundle-of-shingles/

Most common repair is pipe boots the rubber always cracks and leaks or just a poor flashing job. https://www.gunsandhosesroofing.com/what-we-do-is-fix-roofs/

Missing shingles or high wind damage very common when shingles age and the sealant strips give out. https://www.gunsandhosesroofing.com/shingles-blow-off-roof/

As you can see these are just some of the everyday things we see with older roofs. Get your roof inspected for issues today and make the recommended repairs. We come out to inspect roofs for issues the cost is $75 if you use us for recommend repairs if any are needed we take the $75 off the repair bill. Call today we are #1 in roofing repairs.