We have 25 years in the roofing trade so we know what your roof needs for a trouble free roof system. Since we branched off into just the roofing repairs side of things customers always ask us who to call for a new roof.

Let me tell you this is a tricky question simply because you never know who a certain company has working for them. When it comes to getting a good install its all about who is on the roof doing the work. So when getting estimates the first question you should ask is who is going to be on my roof and what experience do they have and how long have they been with your company.

Sure lots of roofing contractors could lie and say they been with us a long time and they are all really experienced roofers but at least you have done your part in asking and doing your due diligence. You really want to seek out a reputable company that their installers have many years of experience and have been with them a long time.

Most homeowners want a good quality roof job and piece of mind knowing the many of thousands of dollars they just spent on a roof that they got what they paid for. But how are they going to know? Well we offer roof consulting services where we help you from the beginning too the end.

Here is how it works. You get bids from contractors that your interested in doing your roof and when you have the bids gathered and decide your thinking about going with say xyz company. Then you make a appointment with xyz and tell them your thinking about using them for the roofing install but want your roofing consultant “us” to go over everything before signing. Then all of us sit down at your round table together and we can make sure everything looks good.

Now here is why you wanna do something like this. You as a homeowner probably have no clue what your home needs for a excellent roofing system and if this contractor can and will deliver that! But we do. So when we come out we assess your roof and know what it needs and we make sure the contractor your getting ready to hire has all bases covered for your job. For instance were expecting to have lots of wood replacement on your home did the contractor explain this to you or is he going to just go over bad wood. Lots of contractor’s wanna hurry up and do your roof in 1 day so they skip over questionable wood that should have been replaced.

We see it all people with new roofs and already having issues and the roofing contractor is not around or out of business. This is why it is important to have someone knowledgeable like us to help you out in the re roofing process.

We sell different packages to homeowners. The basic package is just to have us come out and review your roofs needs and have us sit in with you and your contractor before you sign their contract. This way after we look at your roof we know what the roof exactly needs and we wanna make sure the contractor can deliver that on what he is proposing to you. Price for the basic is $200.00

Then we sell different packages if you want us to pop in while the work is being completed and just make sure things are going smoothly and your getting what you paid for. You would be surprised how many roofers cut corners just to hurry up and get the job done and get paid leaving you with shotty work so this is why you have someone competent like us being able to pop in and just check things out. Normally when the roofers know you have someone looking out for the homeowner they are more likely not to cut corners. Or you might want us to come out and inspect the new roof before you make final payment to the contractor. Pricing for this is $100.00 every time you want us to come out and look.

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